The Off Season Plan

I won’t lie, I’m a man with nearly no sense of style. I wear jeans about 360 days of the year, a pair of white or black sneakers, and usually a plain color shirt and hoodie. Mariner games, I dress a little differently, but I think that will be a story for another day. Today I think I came up with a new idea for the off season. Every Friday until the Friday that the Seattle Mariners hold their home opener, I will collect one baseball cap for every team in professional baseball. I plan on purchasing them in no particular order, probably just as I can find a goodish deal on each one. Below is a quick overview of the team’s caps.

I will obtain each hat and write up a blog post for each hat featuring various details/personal stories/etc about each one and it will all culminate in the purchasing of the Seattle Mariner’s home team hat for their home opener in 2012 at the Safeco Field Seattle Mariner’s team store. It’ll be a little on the expensive side, but that’s why I’m hoping to get some through sales, gifts, etc. It’s not every day that a collection can give you a sense of style, conversation starter, and a warm head. :P


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