Offseason Plan: Day One Planning

Today is the first day of the Offseason plan in which I buy one MLB team’s baseball cap each Friday until Opening Day. Obviously, I’m fudging a little bit here since it is not the Off Season but I want to be able to collect all the hats before opening day. So today is the first attempt. I will not be posting the “planning” stuff before buying a hat each Friday, I’m just doing it today to reiterate the plan.

Today I will go down to my local mall which has a Mariners Team Store, Lids, and numerous sporting wear places like Footlocker and Champs, to hunt for my first hat. The first few should be the easiest since I plan on purchasing whatever the best deal I can find is. Later this will become more expensive has I’ll have to start cherry picking what I’m missing, however today’s should be fairly priced I’d say. I’m hoping to find a cheaply priced hat of one of my playoff picks, though one would expect those to be more expensive.

Tomorrow, I’ll likely be rocking an Astros cap or something. Whatever hat I do get, I will post a quick info segment on it tonight or tomorrow after I collect it. Wish me happy hunting! 

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